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Tracks of the Week: Daydreaming – IHEARTCOMIX Tracks of the Week: Daydreaming – IHEARTCOMIX
July 14th, 2017

I’m one of those people who tends to daydream a lot, which is not necessarily a bad thing, until real life hits you like a brick wall. But that’s the whole point a daydreaming, to take a break from the real world and think about some other kind of fantasy world with its own situations that may or may not ever happen in real life. My daydreaming journeys always require a killer soundtrack, and these next songs could be welcome additions to my make-believe life.

1. Tyler, The Creator – “Boredom”:

Tyler, The Creator is one of those artists that seems to have surprises up every sleeve. Departing from the dark, angry, heavy raps that he’s usually known for, “Boredom” slows things down and allows Tyler to be more introspective than before. With the addition of vocals from Anna of the North, Rex Orange County, and Corinne Bailey Rae, this track actually sounds pretty, which is unexpected and a welcome change.

2. Mount Kimbie – “Blue Train Lines (ft. King Krule):

Electro-pop duo Mount Kimbie and British singer/rapper King Krule teamed up to make one hell of a track. It’s full of angst, emotion, and grit, yet the electric additions make “Blue Train Lines” entirely unique, and I love every minute of it.

2. Ariel Pink – “Time To Live”:

Ariel Pink‘s song is perfect and reminds me of being a little kid dancing to “Video Killed The Radio Star”. That is all.

3. Juiceboxxx – “Guts and Tension”:

IHC pal & never boring Juiceboxxx is back with a new album out on Dangerbird Records! His latest single “Guts and Tension” has the attitude and feel of classic Beastie Boys with his own individual spin. It’s rowdy and baddass and everything I need to pump me up for the day.

4. Empress Of – “Go To Hell”:

Ever have those days when you kind of hate everyone but you also want to have a good time? This upbeat pop tune from 25-year-old singer/songwriter Empress Of is the track for you. It’s unapologetically sassy in the best way.

5. MineSweepa – “In Tongues”:

22-year-old bass producer MineSweepa has managed to create a track that sounds like floating through a storm would feel. I can’t describe it any better than that and you should definitely just listen to it all the way through and take in the magic.

6. TR/ST – “Bicep”:

TR/ST (pronounced “trust”) is the brain-child of producer Robert Alfons, and he never fails to make delightfully dark banger after banger. His latest, “Bicep”, is no different. This is the kind of track that makes you want to go to a goth rave and get stupid high on all kinds of questionable drugs. And that’s what makes it so freaking cool.

7. The M Machine – “Talking Machine (WAVEDASH Remix)”:

In February, electro-pop group The M Machine released this fun, bouncy, tune fit for a robot dance party. This week, up-and-coming EDM trio WAVEDASH took that tune and turned it up to 11. With an unexpected drop and heavy, booming bass, this track is crazy, exciting, and nothing short of hype.

8. Electric Guest – “Oh Devil (ft. Devin Di Dakta):

If you aren’t tapping your foot or bopping your head to this new track from indie-poppers Electric Guest, nothing will. Devin Di Dakta’s reggae vocals perfectly contrast singer Asa Taccone’s falsetto on this track that is so much fun it’s addictive. We can’t wait to see them at Sundance NEXT FEST in August along with a screening of L.A. Times, the witty rom-com that charmed Sundance earlier this year.

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