September 13th, 2017

“A girl at a party once told me that LA was just full of people living in a fantasy world, and to that I say, what’s wrong with that? Let the kids have their fantasies.” – Abraham Lincoln

For this week we have a special treat with new music from IHC1NFINITY artists starRo and Gavin Turek. We also have Peach Pit, Odesza, ValentineMarilyn Manson, King Krule and Radiohead.

1. starRo ft Bosco – “Fantasy”:

We are happy to announce that IHC1NFINITY artist, starRo, premiered a sensual new track “Fantasy” on Beats 1 this past week. Shout out to Zane Lowe.

2. Gavin Turek – “Birdie Bee”:

This song makes me feel like I’m riding a bicycle in Brooklyn during the summer.

3. Peach Pit – “Tommy’s Party”:

Peach Pit is one of those bands that embodies chill and cool while making it look easy. Hi.

4. Odesza – “Meridian”:

Meridian, from Odesza’s freshly released album “A Moment Apart” is just magical.

5. Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd – “Lust For Life (Valentine & Rob Araujo Remix)”:

Valentine’s twist on Queen Lana’s track is light and refreshing.

6. Marilyn Manson – “We Know Where You Fucking Live”:

Marilyn Manson is back bitches. I ended up on the weird part of Youtube again and ended up binge-watching interviews with Marilyn Manson. I admire his intellect and soft-spoken demeanor in this video where he defends mosh pits.

7. King Krule – “Dum Surfer”: 

This dark track has an 80s zombie feel. I feel like I’m watching a high school dance for the undead.

8. Radiohead – “Lift”: 

Do not watch this if you’re claustrophobic.



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