fbpx Tracks of the Week: Gertie's Final Breaths – IHEARTCOMIX
August 2nd, 2017

I’m the youngest in my family and 3rd youngest in my extended family, meaning the hand-me-downs were plenty and access to alcohol was easy. Last Christmas my dad wanted to give me a car so he bought my mom a new KIA and she gave me her 2001 Honda Civic. With 300,000 miles, sunspots eating away the black exterior, and the tendency to have the headlights turn on even if the car was off, I named her the oldest name I could think of–Gertrude–as a way to laugh at myself. I know my car is a POS but I grew up in it and my music taste developed in it.

Yesterday her battery died for the nth time because the headlights turned on by themselves again and honestly, I think she’s on her last legs…wheels? This week’s playlist is dedicated to the eclectic music that has come out of Gertie’s speakers.  Hope there’s a mechanic in car heaven that can fix your four-year-old oil leak that no one can seem to find.

The new Aminé album is so damn good but “Yellow” is the stand out track. Four Tet‘s new track transports me to a renaissance dance party. Ducktails new single is the anthem for the angsty, hopeful youth. All this and plenty more for this week!

1) Ducktails – “Map to the Stars”:

2) The Dream Syndicate – “Glide”:

3) Aminé -” Yellow” ft. Nelly:

4) Four Tet – “Planet”:

5) Giraffage – “Slowly” ft. Matosic:

6) Yumi Zouma – “December”:

7) Ugly God – “No Lies ” ft. Wiz Khalifa:

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