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August 9th, 2017

Here’s a fun fact for you: on average, adults dream 6 to 10 times a night while in REM sleep. What’s tragic, however, is that we tend to forget most dreams we have. In my opinion what’s worse is when your alarm goes off during the climax of your dream. Now, I’ll never know who won the duel between me and Arcade Fire’s Win Butler on the London Bridge.

My sadness this morning crept into this week’s tracks. I’m not sad that I don’t know how the dream would have ended, but hopefully, I won. I’m just mad because I just needed at most a minute to see how it played out. I picked the perfect plethora of music so that you can feel as emotional as I am right now.

1) Destroyer – “Sky’s Grey”:

Destroyer helped me get through a breakup in 2011 and now I’m excited to see they’re releasing new music to help me cope in my current state. This song has such a beauty behind the melancholy, especially with the synthy-strings in the build up.

2) Florist – “Glowing Brightly”:

You know what’s really underrated? Lo-fi songs in a minor key. Florist‘s song “Glowing Brightly” has that nostalgia inducing sound for the not-so good memories growing up, like when your best friend moves across the country.

3) Daughter – “Burn it Down”:

If there’s one thing people don’t know about me, it’s that I am really into computer games. “Burn it Down” by Daughter was written for the prequel to one of my favorite video games Life is Strange. The emotion behind this track is everything I need right now: it’s dark and lyrically heavy.  

4) Iglooghost – “Bugthief”:

Is it possible for something to be both grime-y and cute? If so, that’s what Iglooghost‘s “Bug Thief” is. Its sounds are polarizing and transport me back to the realms of my dream.

5) Shannon Lay – “The Moons Detriment”:

Another of genre severely underrated right now is singer/songwriter. It’s stripped down and from the heart. “The Moons Detriment” by Shannon Lay is just that. A guitar and an accompanying violin are all that is needed for this beautiful track.



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