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May 10th, 2017

As I walk out the door today and head over to the office, I notice that it’s sprinkling, my tire is flat, and I lost my favorite dad hat—great way to start my Wednesday! I already felt like my day was ruined as I drove on the traffic-ridden 10 Freeway but my melancholic mood slowly shifted. The dichotomy of the gray sky and warehouses against the colorful street murals of the Arts District emphasizes the beautiful urban rainbow of Los Angeles, leaving me in an ambivalent state. It’s been 5 hours since I got into work and I’m still undecided about my feelings towards today. If you need the inspiration to reenact my moody and unnecessarily dramatic Wednesday morning, here are some sounds to get you started.

1) LCD Soundsystem – “call the police”

First, we have LCD Soundsystem with “Call the Police”. James Murphy has remained silent since the band’s successful comeback last year, headlining festival after festival, leaving me in a state of longing. The wait was worth it. LCD Soundsystem masterfully craft an unconventional mix of nostalgic Bowie-esque sounds with a modern rock ballad.

2) Moon Diagrams – “End of Heartache”

Moses Archuleta, the drummer of Deerhunter, introduces his side project Moon Diagrams with “End of Heartache”. The funky, reverb-infused track juxtaposes the distressful lyrics as the vocalist tries to save a failing relationship.

3) Hundred Waters – “Particle”

Hundred Waters new song “Particle” features unpredictable percussions & an emotional vocalist, perfect for the uncertainty of mood swings.


4) Shabazz Palaces – Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)
Shabazz Palaces‘ “Shine a Light” (feat. Thaddilac) features a track with uplifting strings, reminiscent of songs at the end of 80s movies after the protagonist conquers his biggest obstacle. The vocal track, however, is mellow and nonchalant. These two moods coincidentally blend together seamlessly and preview what will be a great new Shabazz Palaces album.

5) Blu J – “Light” ft. Nevve

“Light” ft. Nevve by San Francisco duo Blu J features everything I love in an EDM track when I’m moody. A deep, commanding bass track behind an unassertive, ethereal vocal track. The arpeggiated synths throughout the track add a nice touch as well.


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