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October 19th, 2016

Happy Spook-tober to all of our favorite ghouls and gheists. It’s not even Halloween yet and I’ve already spent too much time (and money) gorging on candy. I do need to make time to carve a pumpkin at some point; that is a must. This weekend, we’re planning a “Prom Night” themed after hours party in celebration of Franki’s birthday! You can check out the details here, and we hope to see you there! Today, we’re bringing you a fresh selection of treats; and by treats, I mean tracks. Let’s dive-in.

Cannons – Down On Love (RI€H GIRL Remix)

I came across the synth pop band before coming across this remix, but I practically fell in love with both the original and the remix simultaneously. The indie pop band, Cannons, consists of Paul, Ryan, and lead vocalist, Michelle. Together, they bring their audience what they like to call, “future boogie.” It’s always enjoyable, and for the past couple of weeks, I really wanted to write about their song “Mood Ring.” But in come RI€H GIRL, and they totally take this Cannons track to an all new level. Having produced nearly a dozen stunning remixes, their remix for “Down On Love” sounds massive, and it’s a killer combination of incredible sound design, coupled with the perfect blend of the bands original sound; I like all of it.

Body Language – Can’t Hang On

At the time of writing this, I had initially planned to talk about Body Language’s song, “Addicted.” But as I was researching more information about the band, I noticed that they had just published this new song; literally today at this very moment. Released on Om Records, Body Language has been producing an abounding amount of superb, soulful electronic tunes. “Can’t Hang On” serves as the groups teaser of what to expect from their upcoming album Mythos. With their previous singles, the quartet possess an undeniably unique ability of blending the sounds of R&B, bass, pop, and house music. If you like what you hear, you can catch the group at The Echo on December 4th; mark your calendars!

FØRD – Touch (feat. Fueg)

Ford Miskin lives to make beats. I stumbled across this track while perusing SoundCloud’s recommended track section. Ford teamed up with Fueg, and together they made this impressive tune. The young producer has put together some incredible originals, including a remix from female vocalist WOODES. Oddly enough, Ford went on to collaborate with WOODES in their most recent song, “The Pier” where WOODES’s vocal talent shines clear as day. These two Australians are a force to reckon with.

LEISURE – Moonbeam

I first came across LEISURE after their release of “Got It Bad” and was immediately intrigued by the clean and polished sound of the band. Close neighbors to our Australian artists, these Kiwis from Auckland know how to write brilliant songs, and after producing a handful of exceptional singles, the band is about to release their debut self-titled album on October 21st. Three months prior to the release of “Moonbeam,” the band released an additional single, “Control Myself,” and I believe both songs serve as teasers for their forthcoming album. I highly recommend you keep tabs on this band as in the past few months alone, they’ve been producing some fantastic tracks.

FFX – Little Boy

Damn, there is so much good music that I’ve come across this week; I really wish I had the time to write about every artist and every song. *cries a little on the inside* Regardless, I bring you this minimalistic masterpiece that requires you to turn up the volume, sink back into a cozy chair, and let the music wrap around you. The producing and recording duo, Gaja and Lucijan, have been producing music out of Germany and “Little Boy” is their latest creation. I’m really enjoying this right now, and I hope you like it too.

Special Addition:

This last song is a year old now, but I only recently just stumbled upon it. I can’t stop listening to it wherever I go, and as a last minute addition, I wanted to share it; I hope you enjoy!

Cleindl – Girl

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