March 29th, 2017

Thanks to Franki, I now have an IHC email, and within a week, I’ve received a heap of submissions… I probably scrubbed through about seventy-five submissions, and while all artists had good intentions behind their songs, a lot of their execution or arrangement didn’t land for me. After scrubbing for a few hours, I was able to find eight that actually sounded really rad– like especially this new Julien Mier remix. I tried looking for the songs that made me say wow for one reason or another. Some are just total guilty pleasures, like the Felix Cartal tune, the Bipolar Sunshine one, or even the sort of conscious rap song that Exmag produced. I hate to play favoritism here, but I’ve listened to that Julien Mier song ~20 times since it dropped earlier today. Also included are fun tunes from nohidea, Moglii, Cymbol, and Hurley Mower.

1. Cymbol – “Slipping”

2. Lion Sphere – “Silk Mountain” (Moglii Remix)

3. Kypski – “Armitage Skank” (Julien Mier Remix)

4. Hurley Mower – “Jungle”

5. Bipolar Sunshine – “Are You Happy”

6. Felix Cartal – “Get What You Give”

7. Nohidea – “Home Movies”

8. Exmag – “Touch” (ft. Jubee)