fbpx Tracks of the Week: SXSW FOMO – IHEARTCOMIX
March 15th, 2017

Uhhhhhhhhhh… I’m not crying, you’re crying. SXSW and MMW are just an excuse to eat tacos, barbecue, and Cuban sandwiches. These are the lies I’ve been telling myself to keep my sanity, while everyone is having fun in the sun, listening to the best artists in the world. I know I’m biased here, but IHEARTCOMIX’s party looks insanely fun, and with the 4 Lokos sponsorship, the fifteen year old bad boy in me is really jealous. But nope, instead of going, I decided to explore before I spend the spring and summer white water rafting. I spent last night crying while watching a Netflix show in the middle of nowhere, in a shitty motel, in Northern California.

This week’s playlist consists of all of the music that’s helping me survive an unhealthy dose of FOMO.

1. Jay xero & LondonBridge – “Gonna Go with You”

It may be a weird strategy, but I judge a song off of the first seven seconds. If I’m not sold on it right away, chances are other people won’t be either. Songs just have to pop immediately, or I’ll just skip. With Jay xero and LondonBridge‘s new tune “Gonna Go With You,” I’m hooked from beginning to end. From the uplifting vocals and melody, and the drop, this song is way too fucking catchy.

2. Urban Cone – “Old School” (Party Pupils Remix)

You may recognize the name Urban Cone from the hit Porter Robinson song, “Lionhearted,” and how this remix and that track may be a bit different stylistically, you may enjoy sinking your teeth into this Party Pupils Remix of “Old School.”

3. Chrome Sparks – “Wake”

Wavy, wonky, fresh and new release “Wake,” produced by Chrome Sparks has all of the elements you crave. It’s the sort of track that would perform in a club set, but also do good in the bedroom. 10/10 great song.

4. POOLCLVB – “Waiting For You”

I was driving in the rain when POOLCLVB‘s new song “Waiting For You” started, so I didn’t hear the water effects in the beginning, but now that I’m off the road, I’m feeling really good about this song. It’s been on repeat, and I almost want to say it’s my new guilty pleasure, due to its sugary pop vocals.

5. Alex Lustig – “Do Wrong” (Ft. Ayelle)

Wow. Another song that starts with samples of water in the beginning… Another one with sugary pop vocals. Another one with endlessly satisfying arrangement. Alex Lustig‘s new tune with Ayelle is pure magic.

6. Fancke – “Afreet”

Unpopular opinion: techno and house music is boring as hell. Okay, I said it. This new Fancke EP, on the other hand, though, has been keeping my mind busy, and hasn’t put me to sleep at all.

7. Saux – “For I Know”

Springtime is around the corner, and Saux is bringing sunny vibes on “For I Know,” that will last until the end of summer.

8. Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

Skrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt… That was the sound of me halting to a stop, because Frank Ocean just premiered his new song Chanel on Beats 1 Radio. Do yourself a favor, though, and skrrt to a halt on the track around the 3:27 mark, because the A$AP Rocky comes in, and it sounds like it’s being broadcasted out of a phone you dropped into the toilet. It doesn’t sound good. The original, though, so, so, so good.

9. Flatbush ZOMBIES – “Babel”

I feel like Flatbush ZOMBIES is like how Pretty Lights is to wooks, Flatbush ZOMBIES is to the basic hip-hop stan. This song takes nearly fifty seconds to kick in, so if you didn’t lose attention before it did, you’ll hear that they’re actually not as lame as a heap of their fans are. Wow. You learn something new everyday, huh?

10. Ho99o9 – “United States of Horror”

In a last but not least fashion, we have Ho99o9‘s new tune. I’m writing this as they get ready to perform at the IHC SXSW showcase, and honestly, I’m super bummed, because these guys are insane live.

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