Truth or Dare Experience: Hollywood Event Recap

April 12th, 2018

Truth or Dare Experience: Hollywood Event Recap

Last week, IHEARTCOMIX had the pleasure of working alongside Universal Pictures and A-OK Collective to create an immersive hidden camera experience for Blumhouse’s upcoming new movie, “Truth or Dare”. Here’s our behind the scenes rundown of what went into turning a harmless game of truth or dare into a frightening game of life or death.

Of course, our selected participants were never in any real danger, but we definitely got some good scares and screams in our cleverly devised hidden camera scare zone.

Working alongside cast members Lucy Hale, Tyler Posy, and director of Truth or Dare, Tom Heigl, we brainstormed ways to surprise and terrify the incoming fans.

In order to win some big prizes, the rules were simple. Tell the truth, or you die. Do the dare, or your die. Get eliminated, or you die. If the players failed, they were promptly sent to the elimination room.

The challenges ranged from sticking your hand into a bucket of spiders, sending an ever-so-regretful “I miss you” text to an ex, or saying the alphabet backwards in under 15 seconds. Along with unforgettable scares and newfound fears, fans also took home creepy photos from our twisted Truth or Dare branded photo booth.

Huge thank you to Universal Pictures and Blumhouse for the opportunity to be a part of making Truth or Dare come to life. Be sure to see it when it comes out Friday the 13th!