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Vic Mensa’s Song “No Chill” feat. Skrillex Really Does Have No Chill

July 20th, 2015

Vic Mensa’s Song “No Chill” feat. Skrillex Really Does Have No Chill

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Vic Mensa and Skrillex, along with Jahlil Beats, have just collaborated on a new single called “No Chill” – which is super cool and all, but it’s definitely making me rethink on ever hanging out with these dudes, ever.

Music-wise, the song goes hard. Skrillex‘s production skills keep evolving like your favorite Pokemon. And while this isn’t his first hip hop collab, “No Chill” has a definitively refined sound. There aren’t bass drops and it’s not as trappy as his work in Jack Ü, but the beats still come at you with the force of a thousand knives.

Then there are Vic‘s lyrics, which are 100% hype. It’s one of those songs to bump to in your Acura on the way to the warehouse show. No chill at all, but it’s kind of making me imagine that Vic and Skrill go hard in the mothafuckin’ paint. You don’t really wanna brag about having no chill, unless “no chill” means drinking a six-pack of 4 Loko each and breaking into the L.A. Zoo to swim with an otter. Or mixing illicit substances to a point where you’re up for three days and have somehow found your way across state lines in a van full of people smoking Peyote. Because that’s what I’m thinking the “no chill” is. Calm down over there, guys.

Just kidding. I would totally party with them, even if it requires that I need a hunting license. My chill mode has been deactivated.

The song is streaming on Apple, and you can listen to it here, or watch this premiere video thingy down below:

Vic Mensa’s Soundcloud is located here. Skrillex’s is here, and Jahlil Beats‘ page is here.

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