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Videos of the Week: The Cure is in the Funk – IHEARTCOMIX Videos of the Week: The Cure is in the Funk – IHEARTCOMIX
September 12th, 2017

Words beginning with the letter “F” have recently triggered my cosmic rage and anxiety about an impending global disaster: fascism, frappuccinos, forest fires, Fox News. Yet, this week’s videos all stem from an “F” word that provides a musical safe haven for the troubled idealist: funk.

Simmer down with Afro-pop tunes by Amadou & Mariam, electrofunk dance parties in B00ty’s “Loosen Up” along with artists like Smino, Tim Atlas, Hips and Purple Disco Machine. These visual displays of eclectic funk will inspire creativity and temporarily relieve symptoms of an existential crisis.

1. Amadou & Mariam – “La Confusion”:

The Grammy-nominated duo from Mali demonstrates their musical longevity and adaptability with their recent release of “La Confusion.” The couple’s Afro-blues sound and colorful beat articulates a globally relevant message of change and confusion in society. It’s the video’s hopeful portrayal of youth empowerment and potential that makes the spirit of this video shine.

2. Smino – “Maraca”:

With lyrics and flow like Smino’s “Maraca,” you don’t need much else. The dude blends soul, funk and hip-hop into a song about actively shaping your own future. His introduction says it best, “No gravity on me, one with the sky.”

3. B00ty – “Loosen Up”:

B00ty’s new music video for their song “Loosen Up”  is a mess and I adore it. A mixture of “The Hangover” and [insert your college party anecdote here], this electrofunk music video pays homage to your booziest laundromat fantasies.

4. Hips – “Loose Tonight”:

Like any iconic duo, funk wouldn’t be the same without its counterpart: the disco ball. Swedish band Hips creates a music video for their song “Loose Tonight” in which a disco ball is your tour guide through the streets of Sweden. Reminiscent of late 70’s bops, this video is a taste of Scandinavian groove.

5. Tim Atlas – “Compromised”

Soothing and pleasant, Tim Atlas’s “Compromised,” is an entertaining video containing shots of cereal, ironing shirts and a borderline excessive use of superimpositions to play up its vintage sound.

6. Purple Disco Machine ft. Joe Killington and Duane Harden – “Devil in Me”

In this last video, dancer and music artist Andreas aka “Afrosamuraiist” uses the city of London as his stage, dancing to Purple Disco Machine’s “Devil in Me.” Grab your feathers and fringe everyone, because you’re going to want to dance to this one.