September 6th, 2017

Sometimes you see something so strange, you have to do a double take in order to actually process what you’ve seen. Yesterday, I stumbled across a video of a man playing a piano made of cats (yes, you read that right— and no, not real cats), and I immediately checked to see if he was on tour. This ultimately led me to this website of rare and strange instruments. I was not disappointed.

There’s some weird yet intriguing stuff going on in this week’s bundle of videos that feature the summoning of King Richard III from the dead with Kasabian and Grandpa lap dances from The Districts. Plus, the latest from Mount Kimbie, Waju and more.

1. The Districts – “Violet”:

Just your typical dinner with the fam, followed by your scheduled after dinner lap dance in The District’s music video for “Violet”. It’s very odd to say those two scenarios in the same sentence. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

2. Kasabian – “III Ray (The King)”:

Kasabian’s video for “III Ray” brings me back to that age-old question “If you could spend the day with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?” Well, this video definitely answers that question for you if your fantasy is to get wasted with King Richard III and Lena Headey (aka Cersei from Game of Thrones).

3. Waju ft. Phantom Thrett – “If U Wanna”:

Wage’s video for “If U Wanna” is basically a representation of me in this LA heat. These beats and rhymes make me melt into my seat.

4. Mount Kimbie – “Delta”:

Mount Kimble’s video for “Delta”, directed by Frank Lebon, definitely has me in awe. You follow the story of a bank heist from start to finish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it.

5. Oneohtrix Point Never ft. Iggy Pop – “The Pure and the Damned”:

From the excellent film Good Time comes the video for “The Pure and the Damned” by Oneohtrix Point Never. The CGI of Iggy Pop spooked me a bit, but seeing Robert Pattinson immediately brought me back to my Twilight days. Life’s about balance.

6. Guy Plays A Cat Organ

And finally, low and behold – beauty itself. No description needed.