August 30th, 2017

This past week has been so eventful. I’ve come to find myself taking a dip in just about every random activity you can think of doing – escape rooms, stop motion, comedy sports, board games, D&D…  Although it’s nice to keep busy, a well deserved break is in order. Especially with the EXTREME HEAT WAVE that came out of nowhere. Cooling down on the couch with some frozen bananas sounds good to me.

Kickback with this week’s videos featuring DRAM with the weather, video games with PUP, and the latest from TOKiMONSTA, MASTODON, Mac DeMarco and more.

1. DRAM – “Gilligan” ft. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J:

The wonderfully surreal video for DRAM’s “Gilligan” was directed by the incredible Nadia Lee Cohen and ft everything from weather predictions to gyrating booties in assless chaps. I want to be on Juicy J’s level at 1:35.

2. Mac DeMarco – “This Old Dog”:

Mac is my man crush everyday. This VR video for “This Old Dog” is such a trip. I shall be waiting for the Mac Demarco video game to come out soon. I need more giant floating dog heads.

3. Mastodon – “Steambreather”:

Mastodon’s video for “Steambreather” definitely reminded me of a creepy escape room I did earlier this week. Some real, grade-A Scientology cult shit is going down here.

4. Dan Auerbach – “Stand By My Girl”:

As carefree and fun as Dan Auerbach’s video for “Stand By My Girl” appears to be, something is definitely off. Enjoy!

5. TOKiMONSTA – “We Love”(feat. MNDR)

A cute girl gang and impeccable fashion sense. Love, love, love the colors in this video.

6. Hurray For The Riff Raff – “Living in the City”:

Watching Hurray For The Riff Raff’s video for “Living in the City” makes me want to kick back, drink a cold lemonade, and sing karaoke with friends. Overall, a good time.

7. PUP – “Old Wounds”:

PUP’s video for “Old Wounds” definitely takes the creative cake for combining a video game and music video all into one. It brings me back to the old days of reading the “choose your own adventure” editions of Goosebumps.

8. “Blade Runner 2049”:

Watching the exclusive for “Blade Runner 2049” is getting us way too excited at IHC HQ. October can’t get here any sooner.