June 7th, 2017

I’ve always had mixed feelings about June. On one hand, I love the gloomy mornings… They remind me of living in Berkeley (and the lush greenery of the Gray Area). On the other hand, I get a bit stressed out because we’re halfway through the year (and, because I’m a December baby, halfway to being a year older.) No matter how busy I am, I perpetually feel like I could be doing more.

At least this time around, my fears are assuaged by the fact some of my all time favorite artists all released videos in the same week. I can’t believe Radiohead, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, and Bjork gave my eyeballs half-birthday presents. How thoughtful!

That’s not all, though. BEAK> and Mac DeMarco released beautifully absurd videos this week as well. Speaking of absurd, remember when we threw the Sundance premiere party for Flying Lotus’ insane film KUSO? Well, the trailer was just released with news that it will be available to stream on Shudder!

Last, but definitely most important, I threw in King Krule‘s performance at Primavera Sound in there because I have a huge crush on him. That’s how “The Secret” works right? I gotta put the vibes out into the universe to make this relationship a reality? I never got past the book’s Wikipedia article…

1. Arcade Fire – “Everything Now”:

2.  BEAK> “sex music”:

3. Mac DeMarco – “One Another”:

4. Radiohead – “I Promise”:

5. Phoenix – “Goodbye Soleil”:

6. Miguel, Local Natives, & Animal Collective on VICELAND’s Earthworks:

7. Bjork – “Notget”:

8. KUSO Trailer:

9. King Krule @ Primavera Sound