October 4th, 2017

I live for all the masks, costumes, props, puns, and spooky decor in stores that come with the long awaited October season! If I could hoard it all, I would. I’ve spent the whole year rigorously prepping myself for Halloween by watching tons of bad horror films, cult classics, and creepy videos in general. Here are my picks of spook-tackular videos from Liars, Mount Kimbie, Bellatrix, and more.

1. Liars – “Staring At Zero”:

The Disney Jungle Cruise makes a dark discovery. Liars’ video for “Staring At Zero” ventures into some grimy waters and abandoned caves. Talk about my kind of date *・゚

2. Mount Kimbie – “Four Years and One Day”: 

This video gives you the rare chance to watch someone’s life flash before your very eyes. Mount Kimbie’s “Four Years and One Day” is chock full of disorienting visuals, paired with delicious synths & static shreds.

3. Made Up People – “The Cure”:

Made Up People’s video for “The Cure” hits us with a gory twist on a beloved classic. I love me some good ol’ fashion pinball.

4. Bellatrix – “After More”: 

Bellatrix’ video for “After More” is what I imagine a really intense tarot card reading is like.

5. Klyne – “Water Flow”: 

I can’t deny the fall vibes happening in Klyne’s COLORS performance for “Water Flow”.  Much like a delicious pumpkin spice latte, this track serves us smooth as butter vocals and some hot beats.

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