July 12th, 2017

This installment of Videos of the Week is full of seeming contradictions. We dive deep into the nuances that make Japanese Breakfast, Slugabed, Toro y Moi, David Lynch, & Lomboy oh so special.

1. Japanese Breakfast – “Road Head”:

I really don’t say this lightly, but Japanese Breakfast is one of the most exciting artists out there right now. The music alone is heart-wrenchingly beautiful but every music video she creates and releases is just perfection. Always cinematic, sentimental, and utterly unique, the videos delve into deeply intimate topics without ever taking themselves too seriously. Every day that she releases something new feels like Christmas to me.

2. Slugabed – “A Thousand Tiny Hands”:

If someone asked me to describe Slugabed, I’d show them this video and song. His music is the embodiment of these beautifully lit, ethereal, anus-resembling aliens that spew lava out of their orifice. 10/10 would experience again.

3. The Art of David Lynch:

If you’re like me and just about everybody else, you’ve been devouring the return of beloved TV show Twin Peaks. For the sake of brevity, I won’t start gushing about it, but basically, it’s incredible and everything I wanted in a revamp of the show. David Lynch basically got a blank check to do whatever the fuck he wanted and the result is phenomenal. He is completely destroying and reinventing what TV show narrative can look and feel like and none of that magic is by accident. This video essay delves into Lynch’s many artistic inspirations and gives insight into the enigmatic universe that his films and TV shows take place in.

4. Toro y Moi – “Boo Boo”:

Technically this is just an album stream, but no lie, the visuals made me cry because I miss living in Berkeley. Experience the 80’s tinged sounds while taking an hour drive through the magical Bay Area.

5. Lomboy – “Loverboy”:

Sometimes the Youtube algorithms are on your side and you find a gem such as this video. This dreamy number is both future and past. Robotic and yet so human. Sexy and unsettling at the same time. Can’t wait for more from Tokyo’s Lomboy.