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Videos of the Week: The Wacky and the Woke – IHEARTCOMIX Videos of the Week: The Wacky and the Woke – IHEARTCOMIX
September 19th, 2017

Informative and entertaining television and media can be a difficult balance to strike. After witnessing the triumph of last night’s Emmy winners like Donald Glover, Aziz Ansari & Lena Waithe and Riz Ahmed, however, my pessimistic mind decided it’s not impossible. Which is why this week’s videos provide you with a plethora of content to keep you in the loop concerning all things wacky and woke, courtesy of Justin Chon, Bad Rap, The xx and more.

1. Moon Bounce – “I Am A Strange Loop”

The creative minds of animator/illustrator Raymo Ventura and music artist Corey Regensburg collide in this trippy video. Featuring GIFs, old desktop interface and collage animation, it’s a visual journey into a dimension of nostalgic 90’s tech.

2. Bad Rap 

Although it premiered at last years Tribeca Film Festival, Salima Koroma’s documentary Bad Rap just dropped on Amazon and Netflix. Following the careers of Asian-American hip-hop artists like Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Lyricks and Rekstizzy, the documentary depicts the struggle for Asian American representation in music, as these artists reject the model minority myth and defy institutional barriers of emasculation and fetishization.

3. Juiceboxxx – “Go To The Club Alone”

Juiceboxxx spits out a myriad of punk rock sounds in his song “Go To The Club Alone.” If you’ve ever fallen into a pit of despair, self-pity or experienced a general disenchantment with your life, this video will touch your tortured soul.

4. Justin Chon and Ava Duvernay – Sundance NEXT FEST (2017)

Don’t let the length of this video intimidate you, all 40 minutes are well worth it. Having garnered attention for starring in several blockbuster films, Justin Chon now directs and stars in his first passion project, Gook. The film’s focus on the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 exhumes a multi-cultural narrative that is still relevant today. In this video, Chon sits down with Ava Duvernay to discuss financial challenges of creating the film, themes of generational conflict and racial antagonism and the raw talent that drove his film.

5. The xx – “On Hold” (Jamie xx Remix)

This remix is a testament to the Midas touch of Jamie xx. The video’s montage of partying youth cuts between shots of color and black and white, as Jamie xx’s synthesizer magic consolidates this song as a straight-up banger.

6. Lights – “New Fears”

In anticipation of her upcoming album, Skin&Earth scheduled to drop September 22nd, Lights has released her haunting video for “New Fears.” Like a hazy, dark dream this video accentuates her empowering vocals and symbolic lyrics, foreshadowing the intense content of her project.

7. Matt Stonie – The Perfect Hot Fudge Sundae

Competitive eating is a niche I’ve been fascinated by thanks to my sister, who introduced me to Matt Stonie’s videos. Major League Eating has ranked Stonie #3 in the world, a title well-earned as the youngest ranked eater has snagged world records for his ability to down 113 pancakes in 8 minutes last year or 255 Peeps in 5 minutes earlier this year. In this video, Stonie tackles 45 scoops of ice cream and 2 liters of hot fudge. Where does it all go? Hell if I know, but if you have a weak stomach I would avoid this one.