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What Do You Mean, the New Justin Bieber Song Isn’t Awful?

August 28th, 2015

What Do You Mean, the New Justin Bieber Song Isn’t Awful?

What Do You Mean, The New Justin Bieber Song Isn't Awful?

Justin Bieber just dropped a new song?  It’s produced by Skrillex?  And it isn’t terrible?  Really?!


No, that’s literally what it’s called: “What Do You Mean.” That’s the song.

It’s true.  After teasing the internet for 30 days with a strange, star-studded #WhatDoYouMean viral campaign,  America’s favorite teeny-bopper-turned-scapegoat finally dropped his first solo single in almost two years.

Ironically enough, the song sat atop Billboard’s “Trending 140” chart for almost the entire month leading up to today.  Guess The Biebs really has turned things around for himself.


Go ahead and fill my inbox with death threats — I don’t care, this song is good.  “What Do You Mean?” has a heartfelt, tropical vibe to it, not unlike his recent collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex on “Where Are Ü Now.”  The ticking clock hiding behind those keys (along with the fact that the song was released today, at the end of August), talks to a certain fleeting feeling of the young heart.

Basically, what Justin is telling us: “The season is over kids, and school is back in session.  It’s time to study, and time to say goodbye to that sun-tanned lover you danced with at summer camp.  It hurts, I know.  But that’s what this song’s for, for remembering the good times.”

Thanks, you tiny punk-ass.

Anyway, “What Do You Mean?” was released via a lyric video on Justin’s VEVO page, so check that out below, and go ahead and put those Teen Beat posters back up on your bedroom walls (we know you’ve still got them), because it looks like Justin Bieber is America’s reluctant sweetheart again.


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